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The final results are summarized below. The "unusual" birds and numbers can mostly be associated with our late arriving winter.

Total species seen - 84 species plus 6 count week - this is 10 above the 20 year average of 73 species but is the same as last year.

Total birds - 19636

Record high counts were recorded for -
(old record in brackets)

Canada Goose (again) - 2420 (2270 in 2008) (there was 1 counted in 1986)
Mute Swan (again) - 624 (504 in 2010)
Tundra Swan - 100 (23 in 2008)
Cooper's Hawk - 9 (6 in 1995)
Merlin - 4 (1 in several years)
Red-bellied Woodpecker - 6 (5 in 2010)
American Crow - 1594 (1156 in 2000)
Carolina Wren - 2 (ties old record from a couple of years - almost annual now)
Dark-eyed Junco - 568 (474 in 2005)

Count Week Birds included -

Brant (would have been new for the count if it stayed 1 more days)
Black Scoter
Common Loon
Horned Grebe
Glaucous Gull

Other birds of note include:

Green-winged Teal - 3rd time recorded in last 20 years
Red-necked Grebe - 3rd time recorded in last 20 years
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - 1st record in last 20 years
Savannah Sparrow - 3rd time recorded in last 20 years

Miscellaneous -

  • The 8 Purple Sandpipers was 4x more than the average 2 seen but a far cry from the remarkable 57 tallied on the 1998 count.
  • There was one Pink-sided Junco in with all the Slate-coloured.
  • Missed was Belted Kingfisher with is usually tallied.
  • The 2 Snow Buntings were down a bit from the 2000+ seen last year
  • The 1 Common Redpoll was conspicuous by its solitude.


David Bree
Natural Heritage Education (NHE) Leader
Presqu'ile Provincial Park
328 Presqu'ile Parkway
Brighton, ON K0K 1H0

American Tree Sparrow

One of 390 American Tree Sparrows seen on the Presqu'ile Christmas Bird Count 2011. Photo© Bruce Parker.