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Northern Shrike

Northern Shrike. Photo© Noah Cole

The Port Hope-Cobourg Christmas Bird Count took place on Saturday, December 15. The weather was overcast with a cold east wind for most of the day. A total of 39 observers participated. Most observers were members of the Willow Beach Field Naturalists, the sponsoring organisation for this count.

The total of 22,454 birds was our 3rd highest. The 77 species counted was about average for recent years, but well short of our record of 89 species. Six further species were seen Count Week only.

 Highlights included two new species:

  • Greater White-fronted Goose – one adult in Cobourg Harbour
  • Blue-winged Teal – one female in Cobourg Harbour.

Other interesting species observed were:

  • Red-necked Grebe – one first-winter in Cobourg Harbour Count Week, found dead there Count Day
  • Cackling Goose – a record high of 11 birds in two groups in Port Hope and Cobourg Harbours
  • Green-winged Teal – two single birds in Port Hope and Cobourg
  • Turkey Vulture – one observed in Cobourg
  • Bald Eagle – one sub-adult observed in Port Hope
  • American Coot – one in Cobourg Harbour
  • Bonaparte’s Gull – one in Cobourg Harbour
  • Barred Owl – a record high of 8 birds all within Port Hope or Cobourg
  • Red-bellied Woodpecker – a record high 15 birds observed through the Count circle
  • Carolina Wren – one in Cobourg
  • Hermit Thrush – one in Hamilton Township
  • Northern Mockingbird – a record total of 3 birds
  • Bohemian Waxwing – a record high of 1,324 birds
  • Eastern Towhee – a record high of two birds in Cobourg
  • Fox Sparrow – a Count Week bird coming to a feeder in Port Hope
  • Pine Grosbeak – a total of 44 birds, mostly in Hamilton Township
  • Common Redpoll – a total of 618 birds
  • Evening Grosbeak – Count Week birds observed in Port Hope and Cobourg

 Bohemian Waxwings

A record high of 1,324 Bohemian Waxwings were recorded. Photo© Noah Cole

 Species recorded in lower than average numbers were:

  • Greater Scaup – 43
  • Northern Harrier – 1
  • Red-tailed Hawk – 29
  • Eastern Screech-Owl – missed
  • Horned Lark – 1
  • Snow Bunting – 8

Other Count Week only species:

  • American Wigeon - 3 - Cobourg harbour
  • Ring-necked Duck - 3 - Cobourg harbour
  • Iceland Gull - 1 adult Cobourg harbour - the only "white-winged" gull for the Count

 Thank you to all who participated .............................. Roger Frost WBFN

 Barred Owl

Barred Owl - a record high of 8 birds all within Port Hope or Cobourg. Photo© Noah Cole

 To view a summary of the 2012 report click on the link below:

pdf icon2012 WBFN CBC