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Bird House Workshop at Plainville Public School

On Wednesday, November 25, 2009 all of Plainville Public School's Grade 6 students took part in a bird house building workshop organized and funded by Plainville School Council and through a grant from the Willow Beach Field Naturalists. The day involved instructional time with Mark Rupke from the Outdoor Education Centre as well as hands-on time building blue bird boxes and robin nesting boxes. The students learned about nesting and feeding preferences as well as other characteristics of a variety of birds that are common to the area. The bird houses were placed around the perimeter of the school yard and around the natural area in the junior yard.


WBFN Education Program

2009 Award Presentations

Presentations were recently made to schools who were the recipients of this year's WBFN Education Awards. The winners were chosen by the WBFN Executive from applications submitted by Northumberland County area schools.

Plainville Public School received their award for a continuation of their outdoor education projects. The school is using the funds for building blue bird nest boxes and creating winter bird feeding stations. They also want to plant bird friendly native plants and shrubs on school property.

Plainville School

Bruce Parker from WBFN presented one of Education Awards to Plainville Public School students Megan Belzer, Mackenzie Gibson, Plainville Public School Parent Council Chair Rose Goodall and Plainville Public School teacher Cheryl Baker.

Notre Dame Catholic Elementary Schoolreceived their award for their program on Environmental Stewardship. The school used the funds to constuct a school community vegetable garden. The project is designed to show students how food is grown and introduce them to environmental issues involved in farming.

Notre Dame School

Carole Payne from WBFN (right) presented another Education Award to Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School teacher Anne Young and student Rowan Menzies.

Camborne Public School received their award for their programs in fostering an interest in science for young children. The school used the funds for bringing in presenters from The Scientists in School program. Students attended workshops that focused on activities and experiments about nature and the environment. The school held a special assembly for the presentation of their WBFN Award.


Camborne School

Carole Payne from WBFN and Camborne Public School teacher Heather Cordukes talk to students during the WBFN Award assembly.


Education Program Initiatives Living

Green Fair Grant

In the spring of 2009 WBFN Executive approved a $500 donation to The Living Green Fair for the purpose of supplying participating Northumberland County elementary and high schools with solar power car and house kits.


WBFN Education ProgramHighlights

Previous Education Award Winners

Since 2003, $250 awards have been given to a number of Port Hope and Cobourg area elementary schools for nature and environmental based learning. Winning proposals have resulted in schools receiving funds for a wide variety of creative initiatives including nature based field trips, purchase of special learning resources, introduction and enhancement of natural areas on school properties, tree planting to offset carbon created by school bus use, composting projects to reduce waste in schools, and workshops on nature and the environment.

The winning schools for the 2008-2009 Education Awards program were Camborne Public School, Plainville Public School, and Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School in Cobourg.