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Fritillary and Monarch

Aphrodite Fritillary and Monarch. Photo© Rod Lee

The WBFN Butterfly Outing took place on July 21 on Loyalist Rd. in Port Hope's Ward 2. Nine people attended the outing. In all, 22 species of butterflies were seen and identified on the morning's outing:

Littly Glassywing, Dun Skipper, Silver Spotted Skipper, Clouded Sulphur, Cabbage White, Wood Nymph, Northern Broken Dash, Delaware Skipper, Question Mark, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Gray Comma, Aphrodite Fritillary, Northern Crescent, Mourning Cloak, Baltimore Checkerspot, Red Admiral, Summer Azure, Monarch (1), Great Spangled Fritillary, White Admiral, Mustard White and Striped Hairstreak.

The highlight for most of us was the number of Baltimore Checkerspots.

......... Elizabeth Kellogg

Baltimore Checkerspots

Baltimore Checkerspot

Baltimore Checkerspots. Photos© Rod Lee

Question mark

Question Mark. Photo© Rod Lee