Audio Files

Listen to the Sounds of Wesleyville Marsh

The SM Mini audio recorder captured a large collection of delightful bird and amphibian sounds at the Wesleyville Marsh in 2021. These audio files are provided courtesy of Gerry McKenna.

To hear this month’s sample, check out the audio file below.

The following recording features sounds from April/May. You’ll hear three early season amphibians (Spring Peeper, Northern Leopard Frog, American Toad), a Swamp Sparrow, and other sounds. Listen closely for the low growl of the the Leopard Frog at the beginning!

The following recording features the loud staccato call of the Gray Tree Frog in early June at the Wesleyville Marsh. You can also hear the calls of Red-winged Blackbirds and Song Sparrows that add to the chorus of sounds in a very active wetland.


You are more likely to hear rather than ever see this secretive marsh bird. The Sora, the most abundant and widespread member of the family Rallidae, has an unmistakable, distinctive “whinny” that is a delight to hear. This call was recorded in May of 2021 in the Wesleyville Marsh and you can hear two Soras calling at the same time. This was a frequent occurrence, which provides strong breeding evidence.


If you hear a loud chatter coming from the woods during the spring, do not be alarmed! You are hearing the tiny but vociferous Gray Tree Frog. The males call with a loud chatter-like trill. Have a listen to the distinctive call of the Gray Tree Frog as recorded at the Wesleyville Marsh.