2019 Award Winners

2019 WBFN Education Awards

WBFN has operated a number of different education award programs over the years to foster the interests of young people in the natural world and enhance their knowledge of the environment. In December 2003 the WBFN Executive enacted a program whereby local Port Hope and Cobourg elementary and secondary schools could apply for up to $250 for a nature-based project. Important changes were made in 2008 expanding our range of schools to include all of Northumberland County and increasing the number of $250 awards to three from two.

2019 WBFN Scholarship Awards

Successful Award Recipients since 2009

Year Schools Where Funds Used
2009 Plainville PS Bird house building workshop
2009 Notre Dame CES, Cobourg Vegetable garden
2009 Camborne PS Scientists in School program
2010 St. Mary’s CES, Campbellford Reusable stainless water bottles
2010 Plainville PS Naturalization of area adjacent school
2010 Notre Dame CES, Cobourg Incubator to hatch chicks
2011 Laurie Lawson Outdoor Education Centre and Alderville Black Oak Savanna Education program Education programs
2012 Plainville PS tree
2013 CDCI East High School Environment Club – composting bins, field trip
2014 Dale Road Senior PS Naturalization of yard
2014 CR Gummow PS Naturalization of yard
2014 CDCI East High School Water bottle refill centre
2015 Grafton PS Grace Bowen memorial garden
2016 Cobourg Collegiate Institute HS Learning and Life Skills class program on pollinators
2016 East Northumberland Secondary School Keynote speaker for Aboriginal Awareness program
2016 Northumberland Christian School Outdoor theatre space, classroom and aboriginal awareness location
2017 Spring Valley PS Butterfly garden
2017 Roseneath Centennial PS Outdoor education space with bird feeders and seed
2017 CR Gummow PS Monarch waystation
2018 Port Hope HS Bee Friendly project
2018 St. Mary Grafton Catholic Elementary Butterfly, frog and bee houses
2018 Northumberland Montessori school Native plant garden

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