Several members of the Willow Beach Field Naturalists volunteer their time and efforts in support of the Joint Working Group – Wesleyville (JWG-W). These efforts have involved bird counts, grassland surveys, tree hikes and various other contributions. A recent effort is the iNaturalist project called the Wesleyville Biological Inventory which gathers together all iNaturalist observations within the Wesleyville Natural Heritage Area. The JWG-W is a joint committee between the Willow Beach Field Naturalists and the Northumberland Land Trust.

The Wesleyville Natural Heritage Area constitutes about 1100ha of land running from Hwy 401 to the Lake Ontario shoreline at the southwest corner of Northumberland County. It is within the Municipality of Port Hope; and is predominantly owned by Ontario Power Generation, Hydro One Enterprises and Cameco Corporation. Entry is permitted with the approval of the landowners. The site is ecologically valuable since it includes a rich diversity of habitats (38 Ecological Land Classifications) including Provincially Significant features (ANSI Wesleyville Ravines with old-growth forest, PSW Crysler Point Swamp and Significant Woodlands), regionally significant features (ANSIs Wesleyville Marsh and Crysler Point Bluffs), unevaluated wetlands, 4km of shoreline and coldwater creeks that are home to native Brook Trout. The area also includes drumlinoid features and grasslands.

Wesleyville Biological Inventory

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